*1894 Benjamin Whitehead, USA, was the man who developed the button badge.

*1800’s Patricks an Australia company developed badges for charity fund raising promotions and was a key figure in the fund raising effort for the First World War raising $50 million.The button badge is regarded as one of the first promotional products to be used in Australia.

*1897 button badges appeared in the UK to celebrate the diamond jubilee of Queen Victoria.

*1898 USA Early pin-back badges were offered as prizes with chewing gum or tobacco products to increase sales.

*1907 Mahatma Ghandi used badges as part of the campaign for Indian independence, Mutiny Buttons were made to commemorate the Indian Mutiny of 1857 and distributed in London.

*1945  the Kellogg Company USA, inserted prizes in the form of pin-back badges into each box of Pep Cereal.

*1960’s onwards -  students, hippies and musicians wore badges as a symbol of protest. ‘Peace’ ‘Love’ ‘Ban the Bomb’ John Lennon loved them!

Button badges today do not just come with badge pins but also come with magnetic backs, key rings, bottle openers, pocket mirrors, wine glass charms, zip pulls and many other personalised products.