Fundraising - don’t we all love it! Be it for school, sports, clubs or community organisations at some stage the need to raise funds arises.
I’ve taken part in my fair share of sausage sizzles, lamington drives, chocolate selling, trivia nights, fun runs/rides and raffles.
One fundraising method stands out from all the others. Badges. Unlike other items your custom designed badges become a keepsake of the organisation, event or place and are a reminder for years to come.
Design a badge for a charity ball or lunch, sports events, run a
competition and have the winning design produced for sale.
Use badges as prizes or game rewards. 
Badges can be used as a momento of any important school activity including graduation, a concert, a special excursion etc.
Badges that have catch phrases popular with the group you are working with can be a great way to produce lots of additional revenue.
The possibilities are endless!
Badge Bliss has a custom range of badges or fridge magnets in
2.5 cm, 3.7cm and 5.8cms sizes.
Our 3.7cm badges are available in round or square.
Contact us with your artwork or design requirements.