Design guide for button badges/magnets
  • Any badge/magnet will only be as good as the artwork supplied.
  • The size of the badge will determine how much artwork will be visible and legible. Intricate designs or too many words on small badges are not a good idea.
  • When designing your badge please note the following: the cutting line, the bleed area and the text/image area
  • The cutting line is our guide to cut out your design.
  • The bleed area (the purple area) wraps around the badge front - background pictures or colours should form the bleed area.
  • The dotted circle area is the important part for your image or message.
25mm (2.5cm)  Outer cutting circle 35mm     Artwork area  22mm
37mm (3.7cm) Outer cutting circle 48.5mm   Artwork area  33mm
37mm (3.7) square Outer cutting square 48.8mm   Artwork area 33mm
58mm (5.8cm)  Outer cutting circle 70mm     Artwork area  53mm
75mm (7.5cm) Outer cutting circle  86mm     Artwork area  70mm
65mm x 90mm (6.5cm x 9.0cm)  Outer cutting rectangle 82mm x 110mm    Artwork area 62mm x 86mm
Images should be at least 600 x 600 pixels in size 25mm products, 800 x 800 pixels for 37mm products and 1000 x 1000 pixels for 58mm and 75mm products.
Preferred file format - simple jpeg or png.