Chore magnet 10 fridge magnets


Set of 10 medium magnets - Customise to your routine and background colour.
Fridge magnet set of 10 hand pressed 3.7cm (1.5") magnets.

Great to get those little people organised - put on the fridge for a gentle reminder!!
Boys and Girls images available.

Options for chore magnet sets – 10 medium magnets

1. Make bed
2. Get dressed
3. Breakfast
4. Pack bag
5. Shoes
6. Wash face
7. Brush hair
8. Brush teeth
9. Dishwasher
10. Set table
11. Tidy room
12. Homework
13. Vacuum
14. Bath
15. Shower
16. Feed dog (or other pet)

Please add number of chore to your order - if you would like a different chore just add to order.



Badges and magnets made with high quality components and finished with a tough protective covering. To clean just wipe with a damp cloth.

All images are laser printed.